Jordan DeLoach

I am a junior, soon to be senior, at Manhattan High School. Dual-enrollment at Kansas State University has put me at a junior standing in the computer science track there concurrently. Following high school graduation, I intend to dual major Computer Science and Mathematics at either UT Austin or K-State, from there going on the get at least a Masters of Software Engineering, and possibly a Ph D.

I am an Open Source supporter (Ubuntu, Firefox, Eclipse, the whole 9 yards). Github is the best thing since sliced bread. .NET should be avoided at all possible times. I am a pro-Google Google Apps user, personally own two Android devices (a 2.2 phone, and a ICS tablet), in addition to working with multiple Android devices with my job as a Software Developer for Advanced Ground Information Systems in Kansas City.

As a policy debater, I default to a policy maker framework and tend to not run K’s often, but they still have a spot in the weapons arsenal. I am not in love with Zizek unlike most debaters. Kritikal affs are the worst things ever. 6 off best – 4 DA’s, 1 CP, 1 T.

I am both a club swimmer and a high school swimmer, still keeping the door narrowly open to swimming in college. I specialize in the 200 and 500 free. (1:52, 5:05), taking 13th place at State as a junior in the 500, I will also do the 200 back (2:07), taking 16th at Missouri Valley Division 1 Championships.


Jtmcgee.net has been my personal blog since July 22, 2005. An eternity practically, in internet history. Blogging systems have come and gone, but it almost always ends up back at WordPress.

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For more about me, visit jordandeloach.com

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