Google Wave

Google Wave Demo.

As they say in the Lion King, “Be Prepared!” ( you know, the song! Scar sings. ). Anyways, I just watched the whole 1 and 1/2 hour demo. Dang it’s looking good. Basically they take the whole web mash it into their website and open source it. It is email to the 10th dimension. It can be sent between two servers, A and B. It has all the same functionality between A and A as A and B. It is Internet 2.0. It will quickly kill many things, it is very similar to Facebook except bigger, and more flexible.

The thing I am most surprised about is the Open Source! They want to model it after E-mail, it was open sourced and it became the standard for 40 years, until Waves came. If you thought G-Mail was superb ( as I did ) then this will boggle your mind. Watch at least part of it, it is flexible, exstendable and futuristic. It is everything it is SVN, Office, Solitare, Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, Hotmail all in one open sourced and on a clean website. I just hope that people don’t see Wave as a geeky weird thing and deem it as too hard, I hope the read into it and switch. Think of the possibilities in a work place, in any place.

If there is one futuristic company out there, it’s Google. Microsoft is old and corrupt, Apple too small and too weak, Yahoo is not inventive. Google is futuristic, youthful, powerful, large, and intuitive. Boys and girls, I don’t want to work at a old, small, or not inventive company, I want to work at Google and be the future.

I signed up at to help, I asked them to let me on to build some project for them, I am thinking eithier a interaction between like FlickR or something where the photos you shared could also be added to FlickR or something, and I would also like to Wave my site and be riding the wave of the future.

Another point I found really interesting was that they programmed it all in Java and had had Google Web Toolkit convert it. Interesting. HTML 5 is also interesting that they would use something that far into the future. Well I guess if Wave is going into the future so should what its built on. Cool.

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