Spell Your siteurl right!

This whole afternoon I was freaking out. Some how someone had infiltrated my site through WordPress and was redirecting it to an Ad Site! It was messing everything up and I started getting mad. Recently I had decided not to go with a www. infront of my url since that was old so I changed my site url. I wasn’t paying very good attention to it and made a small typo instead of “jtmcgee.net” I put “jtmcgee.net.net”. With the .net it is an domain parked add site which kept redirecting my page to it, and to complicate things more I had added a little update_options to set it to jtmcgee.net, trying to solve the problem but somehow it got switched to .net.net also. So I was fighting myself, after I remembered I did that I changed it and walla my site is saved! Sorry for the ugly down time!

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