Django – A Package of Amazing

At first I though people were overhyping Django, people always talking about the “simplicity of the templates” and the “awesome url builder”. I though well nothing can be that cool, it’s all the same PHP, Python, Ruby, what’s the difference? If you have never tried Python and Django, go ahead and point yourself at the Downloads section of Python and Django and get started! The templates really are super simple, and the url builders are sick. When I started doing Django the real first time I used it besides the templates was the pagination class. I had for months struggled to create a good PHP pagination class, but with Django it was right there out of the box ready to use!

I have tried PHP frameworks before such as CodeIgnitor, they were nice, but nothing special. Trust me, Django is special! It has so much available the second the installer says finish. If you have been procrastinating because you don’t know how to set it up on your server or something stop, don’t; host it on Googles servers! Google App Engine allows you to build Python and Java web applications on their fast, large infrastructure. It comes with a SDK for building apps and also with a localhost for building your applications. I have not tried out the Java part yet, but I have been enjoying creating a Twitter-like micro-blogging service on it. It is simple and you have access to all the tools that make Google so great like Gql and the WebAPP framework. It is really worth the time and someday maybe you will move your site over to Django and Python as I soon hope to do.

Case in point: If you haven’t tried Django, get out and do it, if you have don’t you love it?

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