Google vs. All

Google vs. Yahoo+Bing

Yes I do agree that Yahoo comitted suicide. It’s Yahoo is a swimmer in the ocean and grabs a weed for help, but little does it no that the weed will pull it to the ocean floor and it’s demise. Bing at 8% of the search engine world was no competition with Google, it never has been, I personally think Bing and all of MSN ( sorry, Windows Live ) has always been a joke. Nobody uses it, when was the last time you heard someone say “Bing it!” instead of “Google it!”. If my 70 year old minister says “Googled” in reference to the search engine giant, I believe that shows just how powerful it is.

To add to Bings tiny 8% it adds the respectable Yahoo, which is approximatley 20% of the search world. I respect Yahoo, they have a few nice products such as Pipes, Flickr, and Mail though I only use the first two. It’s search is respectable and is my second favorite.¬† So Yahoo takes its 20% share, more than twice Bings and gives it all to Bing. Yahoo shall become Bing. Since when has the weak ruled the strong? This “agreement” I believe is one sided, yes Bing shall grow a little bit but it will never come out at 28%. If Yahoo had added Bing, the tables would have been completley different.

Google, I think this just makes your job easier, two birds, one stone. And as an added bonus  the birds are weaker now.

Google vs. Apple

While not a competition I do see a little battle here after Apple has rejected Google products like Latitude and Voice. Saying there features are too much like the standard iPhone features. Most people believe this is due to the pressure from behind, nasty AT&T. Anyways this is not a fair deal to reject premium grade software after they have spent a long time working on it, I have browsed the iTunes App Store and to say the least it is amazing how much crap they let on there and too not let well built, rich apps like Latitude and Voice is stupid. Google you should be ticked off.

Google vs. Microsoft

More of a sidenote but I find Microsoft Azure very amazing and remarkably related to Google App Engine. Azure, featuring Azure SQL, ASP and .NET programming is worthless for their intended audience. Anyone who uses Microsoft programming languages like ASP and .NET has no use for cheap/free cloud services as they obviously have plenty of corporate money. Google App Engine though, it more opensource, more developer accepted and not centered around Google, but around the target audience.

I’m expecting Microsoft Typhoon any day now.

Google you have my support in every way. Good luck, I know you shall come through.

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