Free Flickr

Okay, I am way too cheap to pay $25 a year for Flickr, but Flickr is such a cool tool, and it’s compatible with so many ways to upload. So I went ahead a wrote a tool, that reads your RSS feed, and copy’s your Flickr photos. Now the even cooler thing, is I don’t want to host the files as it takes up a bit of room, so I added a part that will copy those photos from your Flickr RSS feed to some free FTP site! I have a couple of accounts over at LionDrive, it’s a pretty good service, you can control a lot of things, its pretty fast, 5gb and free! I can even mount my drives on my computer. But anyway, that is what it does, and in caseĀ  your cheap like me, but like Flickr I’ll share it with you.

Download FlickrDownloadR

( It’s kind of slow, but it gets the job done! )

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