Oh Windows… why can’t you be like Linux?

Today I had to try and fix my computer today, everything was going wrong. I had only about 4 minutes in my OS before some vital program crashed. During this terrible, blind, expierence I was just hoping, oh why can’t they take Linux commands?

My favorite Linux commands I would want in Windows:

  • wget ( I downloaded a program that does this and set it as a variable so it works great! )
  • sudo
  • apt-get install/remove/update/upgrade
  • /etc/init.d/xxxx restart/start/stop ( really nice and simple! )
  • /var/log/ ( always helpful in debugging )
  • cd ~
  • /etc/fstab ( ugly, but it works just the way you want! )
  • mount
  • netstat

I use a lot of those commands daily, they just WORK, not fancy GUI’s, they just get the job done! Windows why can’t you be like that? Your command line is a joke while Mac and Ubuntu’s terminal is their brightest point.

P.S. PowerShell sucks still Windows!

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