Why do people need so much space?

I have been browsing Lifehackers Flickr group, and some people have ridiculous amounts of external hard drives and file servers! They’ll have 6-12 tb. just at their home office! There is no way one person can use that much space.

Example person:

  • 25 gb. of music
  • 25 gb. of power points, word docs, etc.
  • 100 gb. of programs and settings
  • 50 gb. of movies
  • 15 gb. of pictures

Thats more than generous on each part but that only comes out to 215 gb! In my room I have 990 gb and that is more than I could ever use. On my main desktop I only use 200 gb and that includes my game/dvd ripping project and backups!

Holy cow people I don’t see how you need that much space!

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