Linux Terminal Twitter Client

Today I was bored so I decided to write a Twitter client centered in Terminal. It’s not a super-client, it’s just plain and simple. It was more of a test of myself. Anyways be looking for versions in more languages, hopefully in Python or Bash in a few days, maybe in Perl someday.

  1. Download & Unzip
  2. Put it into /home/youruser/scripts ( so tweet and twitter and etc. are in that directory )
  3. sudo bash ( it will try to install php5-curl if you don’t have it, you need this )
  4. . ~/.bashrc ( include the period at the beginning )
  5. setupTwitter twitterusername twitterpassword
  6. You may now use twitter to view the 5 latest tweets or tweet “YOUR Text here to tweet something

Download [tar.gz]

Download [zip]

Download [tar]

  • nick

    Trying to set this up - getting error:

    PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant w - assumed 'w' in /home/n1ck/scripts/setuptwitter on line 5

  • Nick, please check your email. I responded and gave a solution via email.

  • Rene Perez

    This looks great but I also am getting the PHP Notice. What did we do wrong?

  • jtmcgee

    Hey Rene,
    I am sorry to say since releasing this Twitter has changed their API to OAuth so this will no longer work.

    Sorry again but thanks for visiting,

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