Dropbox, lots of uses, lots of greatness.

I have decided that dropbox is so cool, it deserves a blog post! The uses for this is endless! I have seen people who keep their application data in here to keep applications synced or people who keep their keedb databases in here to keep them synced too. A really creative idea is to use it to start downloads on your home computer through uTorrent.

The things I use it for are more simple and normal however Dropbox still does a great job at it! Mostly I use it to keep my school papers synced between my desktop, laptop, and my iPod touch so I can work on them anywhere. Also it is extremely valuable with it’s version control system to use it for my code. I just use the free 2 gb version ( but they give out free upgrades and I am up to 2.5 gb ) but 2 gb holds a lot if your not storying videos or music. Also on the iPhone/iPod touch you can have “favorites” which are basically saved locally used for offline situations.

Written from the iPhone/iPod touch WordPress application during first hour at school.

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