Wiring a gigabit network out of phone lines.

img_3166So this morning I got up at 4 a.m. ( yes on a saturday ) and I was ready to go. I have been wanting to get quad-monitors but I had no spots PCI-E or PCI to put in another graphics card. I however had a PCI wireless card that if I could get rid of, I could replace with a dual-headed graphics card.
I was willing to do anything to get a Ethernet line to my room, my dad and I had a plan, it involved going through the unfinished base boards and running Ethernet that way from the heater room. When I was looking for a phone jack to plug the modem into ( for digital telephone, our modem does cable, internet, and telephone all from coaxial ) and I found this wiring that looked like a phone line but it had extra wires. It kept me perplexed for about an hour until I found a website that said most new houses had Cat5E wiring in them for telephone and I knew my house was only about 3 years old so I wondered… I went back and looked at the wire and sure enough it said Cat5E!!

So this is my “make shift gigabit switch and phone switch” as the real 8 gigabit switch and connector pieces are en route. It is connecting my room line and the line to the router as everyone else is yet to get on the bandwagon.


  • @chuck
    Yes currently it is only 10/100 but once I order my gigabit switch I can rewire it to gigabit. I'm just trying to be as compatabile ( including the phone line ) until my gigabit switch gets here.

    Transfering speeds are good, I can maximize about 80-90 Mb/s ( megabits ) out of the 100 available.

  • chuck

    hi i am curently trying also to wire my house for gigabit too.
    every website i have read says that gigabit connection require 4 pair of wire(8 cables), on your picture i see only 2 pair. Are you sure your network is gigabit and not a 10/100?
    What kind of speed do you acheive when transfering files from one pc to another?

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