Social Schedules: My First Facebook Application

I have had this idea for several years, I had always thought the way of sharing schedules on Facebook was inefficient. At my high school I would have to go through 1200 notes, just to see who was in my class.

My application, only available for MHS students, allows you to add your schedule (teachers and classes), see who’s in your class, comment and Facebook Like both your teachers and your hours.

It was written on the Google App engine, using an OO (object oriented) database with JSP’s and Core-servlets. I  will be writing a post about this stuff later.

For some who want to complain about how “bad” it is, I remind you this was about 8 days of work. However here is some of my attached code for it. Note: this is only SOME, not all.

socialschedulesSource [zip]

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