Eclipse Plugin Update Logger

If you have read my site for a while, or know what projects I am involved in, you know that for several summers I always do a little update on an Eclipse Plugin download logger. It started two years ago, then it just literally increased an integer in a text file for every download. You could only see how many times a thing had been downloaded. Last year I upgraded it to two separate versions. Initially I wrote a logger that logged to an XML file. It kept a date, IP, and what was downloaded. This was infinitely better however when used it production it had a flaw where there were multiple file handles editing the file at the same time and it wiped the file. So later that summer I changed about 1/3 of the code to instead of logging to XML, to log to a MySQL database. It included a great backend that would provide Geo-location based on the IP address,  other WHOIS stats on the IP, and various other information. It’s backend was a copy of my old CMS for this website so it even had a decent looking backend. It allowed you to download your log in a CSV format for whatever purposes you wanted. It was great, just not so polished and debugged.

This year I moved the project to GitHub and you can find it here. This years version features an install script that dramatically makes it simpler to setup. Once you clone the git repository just running the install.php will setup everything from the MySQL DB, to error reporting, to your Google Maps API (for the map on the geo-location). All that’s needed to install this correctly is giving the web server the ability to write/edit files.

If you have a plugin for eclipse that you release check it out. Worst case scenario is it breaks, and if that happens it will turn itself off, stop logging, and allow the downloads to continue as if it was never there. Check it out.

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