Verifying an Google Apps Alias Domain

So I’ve been working on a project for a while with Google App Engine and it has gotten close to being finished, so I decided to buy a domain name and put the project on it. Sounds simple and a 5 minute ordeal right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

So I need to verify it, the main and recommended way is to use TXT record supported by most domain name registrars. Well mine wasn’t supported. Shouldn’t be a problem, all I need to do is upload an HTML file to a server behind the domain name to verify. That is quite dificult it turns out.

Next I fire up a VM, put a web server on it, put the verification file on it, and open it to the world and put it in the DNS settings for the domain name. Cox Communications doesn’t allow port 80; FAIL.

Try two, I’ll do a redirect from my domain name to a file on projects. FAIL, Google Apps doesn’t allow redirects when looking for the verification file.

3rd times the charm, right? I’ll CNAME my App Engine and put my project there. FAIL, the App Engine just redirects me to

4th time I try to CNAME my own website. This has a similar result, getting redirected back to, the owner of the servers website.

5th time, I contacted my friend Brent and asked him to work some config magic so that I could CNAME my project server without redirecting. Finally I can validate!

Yet I am still waiting for that CNAME change to propogate to the DNS servers around the world… 1and1 is famous for their slowness. It shows up right on my computer I am just waiting for it to show up right at Google.

Never thought something so simple would take so long.

  • nice and best lineĀ  HTML file to a server behind the domain name to verify.

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