You Know You’re An AP Student When…

These are just a collection of my favorite “You know you’re an AP Student when,” with some contributions from myself. Just an idea of my schedule for my junior year, AP Calc AB, AP Language and Composition, AP Physics B, AP US History, and CIS 300 (Fall) and CIS 301 (Spring) at K-State. Plus a (programming) job, debate (policy, every weekend), club swimming, and high school swimming.

  • You often look up #apush, #aplang, #apphysics, #apcalc on Twitter just to see your fellow sufferers.
  • You don’t think of it as “cheating”, you think of it as “cooperative learning.”
  • You have multiple breakdowns throughout the year from school-related stress.
  • On top of your full schedule, you’re involved in several extra-curricular activities and you have a job.
  • Every extra-curricular activity you sign up for is framed with the words “It’ll look good for college.”
  • You sign up for a class because it’s weighted, not because the subject interests you.
  • You consider any non AP class to be a blow-off class.
  • You never meet anyone new in your classes because its been the same group of kids since ninth grade.
  • You and your closest friends are all in the top 10% of your class.
  • The probablity of your homework getting done depends more on your mood than the fact that it needs to be done.
  • You consider anything below a A to be a bad grade.
  • You watch TV or do other random things until 10pm then complain the next day about doing homework at 2am.
  • You find yourself complaining to everyone how much homework you have… when you should be off facebook doing it.
  • You get mad when non-AP students whine about how much homework they have.
  • Sometimes the highlight of your life is just crawling into bed and passing out.
  • You use random, obscure information you learned in class in everyday conversation.
  • You stare at your homework and repeat the words FML as you go through it.
  • You know that school is a joke after the second week in May.
  • You write BS-ays instead of essays.
  • You have back problems because your backpack weighs more than 50lbs.
  • You can’t help but find symbolism in every single thing you read/watch.
  • Sparknotes is practically your homepage.
  • You can’t have a conversation with your friends without mentioning homework at least once.
  • You’re actually disappointed because you realize that you could’ve gotten a lot more AP classes into your high school transcript if they’d let you start as a freshman.
  • You look at your AP results to cheer yourself up when depressed about your lack of a social life.
  • You are annoyed after the ap test because it was SO much easier than all the practice tests and you didn’t need to have studied THAT much.
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