Oh Windows… why can’t you be like Linux?

Today I had to try and fix my computer today, everything was going wrong. I had only about 4 minutes in my OS before some vital program crashed. During this terrible, blind, expierence I was just hoping, oh why can’t they take Linux commands?

My favorite Linux commands I would want in Windows:

  • wget ( I downloaded a program that does this and set it as a variable so it works great! )
  • sudo
  • apt-get install/remove/update/upgrade
  • /etc/init.d/xxxx restart/start/stop ( really nice and simple! )
  • /var/log/ ( always helpful in debugging )
  • cd ~
  • /etc/fstab ( ugly, but it works just the way you want! )
  • mount
  • netstat

I use a lot of those commands daily, they just WORK, not fancy GUI’s, they just get the job done! Windows why can’t you be like that? Your command line is a joke while Mac and Ubuntu’s terminal is their brightest point.

P.S. PowerShell sucks still Windows!

Free Google Wave Invites

I have 15 Google Wave invites going out, to you! How to get one, leave a funny comment and  make sure you leave the email address at which you want the invite. It’s first come, first serve except in the case your joke isn’t funny.

Update: 4 left!

Update: 3 left!

Rewriting Code

When I was younger, I used to play a text game online. You would play with other people, get better units, the classic game. It was so cool. I was able to get my hands on the code, and wanted to replicate a version for myself. Little did I know the game was based on some weird PHP settings and the code looked like this.

Extremely Ugly, and Hard to Follow Code

Extremely Ugly, and Hard to Follow Code

So as it would not work, I have setout to rewrite it into an exceptable format. I am writting this into a MVC type framework. This website code is extremely mess, even the directory structure. The images and the PHP and the configuration are all in the root directory. So far I have reconstructed a small part of the base, but it is really hard as all this code is useless as you cannot follow it.

Cleaner code, that I am trying to rework.

Cleaner code, that I am trying to rework.

Free Flickr

Okay, I am way too cheap to pay $25 a year for Flickr, but Flickr is such a cool tool, and it’s compatible with so many ways to upload. So I went ahead a wrote a tool, that reads your RSS feed, and copy’s your Flickr photos. Now the even cooler thing, is I don’t want to host the files as it takes up a bit of room, so I added a part that will copy those photos from your Flickr RSS feed to some free FTP site! I have a couple of accounts over at LionDrive, it’s a pretty good service, you can control a lot of things, its pretty fast, 5gb and free! I can even mount my drives on my computer. But anyway, that is what it does, and in case  your cheap like me, but like Flickr I’ll share it with you.

Download FlickrDownloadR

( It’s kind of slow, but it gets the job done! )

Digital DVD/Game Library

I am not perfect with my CDs/DVDs I will lose them, scratch them, or just break them. Becaue of this I have started a project to backup all of my Games and DVDs that I would not like to lose. What I am doing is ripping DVDs and Computer games to ISO’s on my computer using MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD. This software is freeware for Windows and allows you to do two very cool things, A. you can rip your CD’s/DVD’s/Games to ISO’s which isn’t that rare but B. is that you can mount those ISO’s virtually as a drive and install that game, or watch that DVD on your computer. And it supports more than just ISO’s but that is all I use it for. And with a big enough harddrive you can keep everything on your computer, safe and sound! If you have a semi-good Zip Archive Utility you can get into those ISO’s and say add a cd.key file with the code so you don’t have to worry about that either. Cool eh?

My Programming Studio

A lot of people have trouble finding the perfect editor for whatever the might be doing in the programming world, or atleast I once did. I believe my setup is one of the better ones, but I know it comes nowhere close to Coda. When most people look for an editor they want it to do it all, SCP Support, SVN, or Code Highlighting. People are picky, that’s a plain fact, so they only way to please picky people is to let them make what they want.

Eclipse gives you that option, to easily and simply get everything you need, and nothing more. In my verrsion of Eclipse I start with Eclipse PDT, which stands for PHP Development Tools. It comes with the Web Tools Platform which includes Server Tools and an Ajax Framework. So now that I have my base setup, I will install some plugins via the handy-dandy and simple update manager in Eclipse. The first plugin is Subclipse which is a nifty Subversion client to go with the built in CVS client. Also to go with PHP I add Python support with PyDev and lastly I have SFTP support incase I need to jump onto a server and change something so I use JCrafts SFTP plugin for that.

Some tools I have read about that sound cool, and interesting, but I have personally never used are Zends Community Server Edition and their PHP Debugger, which both perfectly integrate with the Tools in PDT. And if you need anymore tools just Google it, I bet you someone has made a plugin for it. Thats what great about Eclipse, you build it, your way.


I tried something new today, I hadn’t been liking JCrafts SFTP plugin, it required me to export updates everytime I saved so I would use a built in “Remote Systems Explorer“. That had some errors in my PDT installation so I went and got a standard Java version from Eclipse.org, and installed RSE on the regular version. Now to get my PHP tools back follow the steps here to get the PHP tools on your version. And continue on like normal! This SFTP client is a one that works just like it’s a project instead of having to do a lot of work. Also Remote Systems Explorer does a lot more like Shell and stuff… garsh now it’s starting to sound like Coda.

The Last Will Be First

Isn’t it amazing how great tools like OpenSSH, PuTTY, Cygwin, and Apache HTTPD Server is? The tools are simple, yet extremely powerful! Also lots of customization is available,  the power is that of a comercial product.

Do you ever just feel bad for a dumpy, run down website? Do you ever have that feeling to just hit contact, and offer to write them up a simple, beautiful website and replace their frame-based website? It should be considered charity, to offer to and redisgn a website housing such a large and important tool.

And the best part is even though there websites might be dumpy, the well-designed, multi-media rich websites can suck like this, this and this if the tool isn’t great.

Django – A Package of Amazing

At first I though people were overhyping Django, people always talking about the “simplicity of the templates” and the “awesome url builder”. I though well nothing can be that cool, it’s all the same PHP, Python, Ruby, what’s the difference? If you have never tried Python and Django, go ahead and point yourself at the Downloads section of Python and Django and get started! The templates really are super simple, and the url builders are sick. When I started doing Django the real first time I used it besides the templates was the pagination class. I had for months struggled to create a good PHP pagination class, but with Django it was right there out of the box ready to use!

I have tried PHP frameworks before such as CodeIgnitor, they were nice, but nothing special. Trust me, Django is special! It has so much available the second the installer says finish. If you have been procrastinating because you don’t know how to set it up on your server or something stop, don’t; host it on Googles servers! Google App Engine allows you to build Python and Java web applications on their fast, large infrastructure. It comes with a SDK for building apps and also with a localhost for building your applications. I have not tried out the Java part yet, but I have been enjoying creating a Twitter-like micro-blogging service on it. It is simple and you have access to all the tools that make Google so great like Gql and the WebAPP framework. It is really worth the time and someday maybe you will move your site over to Django and Python as I soon hope to do.

Case in point: If you haven’t tried Django, get out and do it, if you have don’t you love it?

Google vs. All

Google vs. Yahoo+Bing

Yes I do agree that Yahoo comitted suicide. It’s Yahoo is a swimmer in the ocean and grabs a weed for help, but little does it no that the weed will pull it to the ocean floor and it’s demise. Bing at 8% of the search engine world was no competition with Google, it never has been, I personally think Bing and all of MSN ( sorry, Windows Live ) has always been a joke. Nobody uses it, when was the last time you heard someone say “Bing it!” instead of “Google it!”. If my 70 year old minister says “Googled” in reference to the search engine giant, I believe that shows just how powerful it is.

To add to Bings tiny 8% it adds the respectable Yahoo, which is approximatley 20% of the search world. I respect Yahoo, they have a few nice products such as Pipes, Flickr, and Mail though I only use the first two. It’s search is respectable and is my second favorite.  So Yahoo takes its 20% share, more than twice Bings and gives it all to Bing. Yahoo shall become Bing. Since when has the weak ruled the strong? This “agreement” I believe is one sided, yes Bing shall grow a little bit but it will never come out at 28%. If Yahoo had added Bing, the tables would have been completley different.

Google, I think this just makes your job easier, two birds, one stone. And as an added bonus  the birds are weaker now.

Google vs. Apple

While not a competition I do see a little battle here after Apple has rejected Google products like Latitude and Voice. Saying there features are too much like the standard iPhone features. Most people believe this is due to the pressure from behind, nasty AT&T. Anyways this is not a fair deal to reject premium grade software after they have spent a long time working on it, I have browsed the iTunes App Store and to say the least it is amazing how much crap they let on there and too not let well built, rich apps like Latitude and Voice is stupid. Google you should be ticked off.

Google vs. Microsoft

More of a sidenote but I find Microsoft Azure very amazing and remarkably related to Google App Engine. Azure, featuring Azure SQL, ASP and .NET programming is worthless for their intended audience. Anyone who uses Microsoft programming languages like ASP and .NET has no use for cheap/free cloud services as they obviously have plenty of corporate money. Google App Engine though, it more opensource, more developer accepted and not centered around Google, but around the target audience.

I’m expecting Microsoft Typhoon any day now.

Google you have my support in every way. Good luck, I know you shall come through.

Facebook Error!

Developers are so mean to developers, sharing and making a big deal of when there scripts fail… but it’s fun! Heck there are even Flickr groups! Kinda of blurry, not sure why… sorry.

A Facebook Fatal error... FATAL

A Facebook Fatal error... FATAL