Google Wave

I am a Sandbox Developer! If you are too by all means contact me and we’ll wave each other ( correct term? ).

My Google Wave Inbox

My Google Wave Inbox

My inbox is full off all the developer group conversations and I tweeted with this twitter api :D. I am looking forward to possibly making an app. I  saw they have no wave to RSS thing, so that would be a nice thing to have, to follow a big colabrative wave or that could be an odd sort of joint blog?? Anyways cool! More coming tommorow

Computer bloopers – Screenshots

The supposed speed of my crappy file server.

The supposed speed of my crappy file server.

I took a server speed test and I landed 1 millisecond behind Google for my file server speed. I am REALLY doubting it as it takes seconds to load any pages that uses images of it such as my projects sites. I don’t know why it showed up so great… cool :D

Vista was getting a little rash, from one hour to 25,193 days!

Vista was getting a little rash, from one hour to 25,193 days!

Vista kind of lost it too… I understand the copy speed was a bit slow (2.6 MB/s) compared to the normal 8 or 10 from Disk to USB but still, no need to say maybe by the time I’ll die it will be done copying.

Eclipse Plugin Download Logger

Doing some work for the MACR lab I wrote a simple web application for agentTool. Mainly it just set in the web update repository for the eclipse plugin and logged every download. It also grabbed a litte bit of information from the user like IP address, time of download, and version downloaded. This is a nice simple handy little plugin. It uses PHP for the language and just a simple text file for a database. No installation required. Simply copy and paste your site.xml file into site.php upload the other files of mine, upload your files and its logging! It also comes along with an administration page, that is extremely simple, you can view the log, clear the log and download the log. Nice and simple.

Eclipse Plugin Download Log [download]

Have a shot at it, it is very low in smarts but it is building. This project was made by projects.

Spell Your siteurl right!

This whole afternoon I was freaking out. Some how someone had infiltrated my site through WordPress and was redirecting it to an Ad Site! It was messing everything up and I started getting mad. Recently I had decided not to go with a www. infront of my url since that was old so I changed my site url. I wasn’t paying very good attention to it and made a small typo instead of “” I put “”. With the .net it is an domain parked add site which kept redirecting my page to it, and to complicate things more I had added a little update_options to set it to, trying to solve the problem but somehow it got switched to also. So I was fighting myself, after I remembered I did that I changed it and walla my site is saved! Sorry for the ugly down time!

Google Wave

Google Wave Demo.

As they say in the Lion King, “Be Prepared!” ( you know, the song! Scar sings. ). Anyways, I just watched the whole 1 and 1/2 hour demo. Dang it’s looking good. Basically they take the whole web mash it into their website and open source it. It is email to the 10th dimension. It can be sent between two servers, A and B. It has all the same functionality between A and A as A and B. It is Internet 2.0. It will quickly kill many things, it is very similar to Facebook except bigger, and more flexible.

The thing I am most surprised about is the Open Source! They want to model it after E-mail, it was open sourced and it became the standard for 40 years, until Waves came. If you thought G-Mail was superb ( as I did ) then this will boggle your mind. Watch at least part of it, it is flexible, exstendable and futuristic. It is everything it is SVN, Office, Solitare, Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, Hotmail all in one open sourced and on a clean website. I just hope that people don’t see Wave as a geeky weird thing and deem it as too hard, I hope the read into it and switch. Think of the possibilities in a work place, in any place.

If there is one futuristic company out there, it’s Google. Microsoft is old and corrupt, Apple too small and too weak, Yahoo is not inventive. Google is futuristic, youthful, powerful, large, and intuitive. Boys and girls, I don’t want to work at a old, small, or not inventive company, I want to work at Google and be the future.

I signed up at to help, I asked them to let me on to build some project for them, I am thinking eithier a interaction between like FlickR or something where the photos you shared could also be added to FlickR or something, and I would also like to Wave my site and be riding the wave of the future.

Another point I found really interesting was that they programmed it all in Java and had had Google Web Toolkit convert it. Interesting. HTML 5 is also interesting that they would use something that far into the future. Well I guess if Wave is going into the future so should what its built on. Cool.

My 2 cents on Win7

You asked us to make everyday tasks faster and easier, to make your PC work the way you want it to, and to make it possible to do new things

So was that written about WinXP, Vista, or Windows 7? Doesn’t it sound like all Microsoft does is copy and paste? And I agree the tasks are faster, because they require better hardware, therefore it’s the hardware improving not the OS.

Windows 7 was built around your feedback, so you’ll see a lot of things you’ve asked for.

I think what most people want from Windows is a fast reliable OS, not tons of useless programs thrown together.

  • Sticky Notes
  • A Revamped Calculator
  • New Paint
  • Magnifier
  • Snipping Tool
  • Windows Power Shell
  • Windows Journal
  • Tablet PC Input
  • Math Input Panel?

Okay right off the bat, Windows Journal, what the heck! Who wants Windows Journal? Okay that’s wastd program #1. Sticky notes, sort of handy but there are already a million programs that do that. Calculator, your cool, you look good but I am never going to do my mortgage with you. Magnifier, really a waste of time. Snipping Tool is useless, and I don’t have a Tablet PC, so why would I want to be able to input. And Windows Power Shell aka renamed command prompt and changed the colors. And who wants to type in Math equations on their computer?

The taskbar is WAY to confusing, I am lost just it is mixing links with things already open, how do I know the difference? It is way to confusing and once again, useless.

Overall, stick with XP, or better yet, go Ubuntu!


I welcome myself home to the MACR lab again today. I work here as a summer intern, every summer. This summer I will work on the semi-famous-for-it’s-area-of-research AgentTool plugin for Eclipse. It helps Multi-Agent System builders visualy view what they are making and it checks the theories behind your system. Take a look, it’s really helpful for planning.

Renaming My Linux Box

I have no clue why, but Fusion seems like the coolest word to me. So I renamed my server to Fusion, cool eh? My server, is barely anything at all. It is a Dell Deminsion, built for Windows ME. It has a 900 Mhz. (yes, Mhz.) proccessor with a womping 126 mb. ram. I have upgraded it to a 100gb hardrive and man, it runs great with Ubuntu Server 9.04. The funny thing is, this, by far is the worst computer in my house, but it has the two nicest network cards. It has a wireless draft N card and a strong gigabit ethernet card. Right now it is a wireless server, but hopefully tommorow it will become a wired server. So everyone say, Hello Fusion!

WordPress Again

For some sad reasons, mostly due to spam, we have changed our CMS. Though I might not be making the CMS anymore, or atleast for the time being, I will still be themeing. I will continue on with my ideas I had planned for v2.2 and integrate them here. Also WordPress is just so pretty, I can spend more time blogging and designing and less time fixing bugs and trying to combat spammers. It’s been a year or two since I have used WordPress and boy, it’s changed a lot!